Jaws Moments: Huge Great White Shark Eats Fishing Boat's Chum Bag

June 25, 2019


Note: Lots of loud screaming, but the cursing is bleeped.

This is a video from a fishing boat about 30 miles off the coast of Point Pleasant, New Jersey of an estimated 16-18 foot 2,000 pound great white shark coming to eat the boat's chum bag (don't feed sharks bags!). Also, I kid you not, the name of the fishing boat in the video is 'Big Nutz Required II'. I mean this is Jersey after all. Still, no word what happened to 'Big Nutz Required I', but I suspect the boat's captain may have lied about his credentials, resulting in a maritime disaster.

Keep going for the whole video, but start with your volume low.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees this video would have been ten times better if that dude from Boston with the sunfish had been there to provide running commentary.

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