I Feel Dizzy: Injured Hiker Gets Airlifted From Mountain, Spun Like A Top

June 5, 2019

Seen here about to start a tornado, a 74-year old hiker is airlifted from Piestewa Peak in the Phoenix Mountains of Arizona after falling and injuring herself. Thankfully, the woman was eventually treated for the injuries as a result of the fall, and didn't "suffer any additional ill effects after the spin." Well that's a relief. Apparently the basket carrying the woman has an additional line that's supposed to prevent it from spinning during transport, but failed to do so during this particular rescue (rescuers said it's only the second case of the spins in the past six years of airlifts). So, did having all her blood and internal organs forced into her head and feet save her life? No. Is that what I would have told her at the hospital anyways? Absolutely.

Keep going for the video, which made me pukey just trying to watch.

Thanks to Lana and Stephanie B, who agrees sometimes it's better to just limp down the mountain.

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