Indian Farmer Demonstrates His Homemade Gas-Powered 'Tree Bike' To Speed Up Trees

June 7, 2019

This is a video of 49-year old Indian farmer and inventor Ganapathi Bhat demonstrating the gas-powered 'tree bike' he developed to be able to speed up 100 - 150 foot tall areca palms to reach the nuts at the top. Some more info while I daydream about the look on the cashier's face when I show up at a fast food drive-thru hovering with a jetpack:

[Bhat] tried building a similar machine 10 years ago without much success. Seven months ago he started working on the concept again and finished the 'tree bike' in May using standard motorbike components such as clutch, accelerator, double brakes, shock absorbers and a 2.1 HP petrol engine. "The first time I took a ride to the top, I asked my son to be ready to call an ambulance," says Bhat. But the machine proved to be safe and he climbed 150 trees before demonstrating it to local farmers. ''I have used high-quality components. But if there is a mechanical failure, it stops midway. You just press the clutch to gently glide it down." Fifty local farmers have lined up to buy his machine, which he plans to sell at Rs 75,000 [~$1,100] apiece.

Hey, whatever makes the job safer and easier. Man, I remember when I was a kid I could shimmy up a tree with the best of them. Sadly, I think my tree-climbing days are over. As a matter of fact, I think all my climbing days are over. Well, I mean besides out of bed, reluctantly.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks again to hairless, who prefers low-hanging fruit. Ha, same here, it's my favorite.

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