Important Information: Gong Master Demonstrates How To Properly Play An 80-Inch Symphonic Gong

June 26, 2019


This is a video of Paiste (a Swiss manufacturer of symbols, gongs and other metal percussion instruments) Gong Master Sven demonstrating how to properly play one of the company's 80-inch symphonic gongs. Contrary to my popular belief, apparently you don't just wail on it like you're swinging for a home run -- you just sort of tap at it and let the sound grow (plus sometimes only tickle it with what appears to be a giant cotton swab). Now I'm no Gong Master, but even I know the real secret to playing the gong is getting butt-ass naked first.

Keep going for the video, it's worth a watch to really hear how the sound develops from the instrument.

Thanks to Ashley G, who agrees the apartment below that room must rent for next to nothing.

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