I'm Gonna Be Rich: Gold Bar Notepads

June 21, 2019


These are the 'Gold Bar Noteblocks' available from the New Museum Store ($10). They look like gold bars and have 300 pages. According to the notebooks, 'YOUR IDEAS ARE PRICELE$$. Write your brilliant thoughts on this solid gold notepad and watch profits soar.' Those are some lofty claims. Still, what do I have to lose? *jots most brilliant thoughts in notepad, patiently waits for profits to soar* Well -- what do you think is taking so long? "I think you actually have to put your thoughts into action." That's not what the instructions said. "I think it's implied." Fine, I'm willing to give it a go -- you wanna help? "These are just a bunch of penis doodles." *wink*

Keep going for one more shot.


Thanks to Winston, who refuses to write on anything less than diamonds.

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