I Am Into These: Samurai Helmet Bottle Toppers

June 5, 2019


These are the Samurai Bottle Helmets made and sold by Tokyo-based Tadayasu. The meticulously crafted bottle toppers were designed to look like the actual helmets worn by some of the most famous samurai in Japan's history (from left to right: Ikuyasu Tokugawa, Oda Nobunaga, Uesugi Yoshinobu, Sanada Yukimura, and Date Masamune). Unfortunately for anybody looking to add a little samurai flair to their booze but isn't made of money, they cost around $299 apiece. Probably not the most appropriate headgear for the army of $4 Sutter Home warriors I have sitting on top of the fridge.

Keep going for a closeup of each while I just glue some googly eyes on my wine bottles and call it a day.






Thanks to Keith TT, who agrees those rubber finger monsters are also a more economical choice.

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