How Cute: Coin Operated Rocket Ride LEGO Set

June 4, 2019


Originally a LEGO Ideas set created by user mjsmiley, this is the 154-piece Space Rocket Ride LEGO set that will be given away free through the LEGO store from June 5th to the 16th with any purchase over $99. Pfft, spending $99 in the LEGO store -- that's easy. Now coming up with $99 to spend in the LEGO store -- that's the tricky part. The set has a place to deposit LEGO coins and moves with the turn of a crank on the opposite side. Man, I can still remember the last time I rode one of those quarter operated rocket rides. "When was that?" Like a month ago, the motor started smoking then the ride stopped and they had to evacuate the Chuck E. Cheese.

Keep going for a couple more shots and an animation of its movement.




Thanks to Brian A, who agrees you're never too old for a little coin operated fun.

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