Horse Goes Nuts Headbanging With Rubber Chicken

June 27, 2019

This is a video of Kruzah the very beautiful horse playing with a rubber chicken for the first time. Eventually he starts headbanging with it. Obviously, somebody needs to take Kruzah to a metal show. From the 0:30 mark onward though it does look an awful lot like he's waving a penis around. Granted not my penis, but-- "Let me guess, it puts the Eiffel Tower to shame." Well I was going to say it's not bright yellow like that, but you're not incorrect either.

UPDATE: Apparently the video can't be embedded and has to be viewed on Youtube HERE.

Keep going for the video, which magically transforms into a link to watch the video on Youtube when you hit play. *doing best Vernon Dursley impression* Dammit Harry!

Thanks to Dave, who mentioned, "This isn't new but I hadn't seen it before yesterday," beating me by a full day.

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