Holy Smokes: Boxer Keeps 20-Pound Medicine Ball Floating In The Air With Punches

June 11, 2019

These are a couple videos of boxer Thomas "infamous_wu13" Wu keeping a 20-pound medicine ball floating in the air with a series of ultra-quick lightning punches. For reference, I tried picking up a 20-pound medicine ball once and threw my back out. Despite having just paid $60 for an hour of his services, my personal trainer just laughed in my face with his protein powder breath then attached two 45-pound barbell plates to his belt and did like a hundred pull-ups. Then he carried me to my car like a baby while I spit up on my shirt like a baby.

Keep going for the videos, and search #floatingballchallenge on Instagram if you want to see other people trying it.

Thanks to cjcjcjcj, who agrees everyone else in that gym seems surprisingly calm for having such powerful magic performed so close to them.

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