Highly Watchable: Low Budget Remake Of Scenes From The Matrix

June 10, 2019

This is 'The Matrix low cost version' from Youtube channel Studio 188. It's a series of Sweded scenes from the movie. If you're into this sort of thing I also included some of the other movies and trailers they've recreated, including Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King, Terminator 2, Star Wars: A New Hope, The Fifth Element, and The Avengers: Engame. There are even more than that though so feel free to go nuts watching them all and not even do any actual work at work today. I mean, not that you were going to anyways. *elbow nudge* Am I right? "I take my job very seriously." Oh, totally, me too *Xeroxes butt, faxes to Russia*

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to Zootghost, who agrees Paramount probably should have considered this approach to their Sonic The Hedgehog movie.

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