Giant, Well Preserved 30,000-Year Old Wolf Head Found In Sibera

June 12, 2019


These are a few shots (including a CT scan) of a 30,000 year old head belonging to an ancient species of wolf that was recently uncovered in Siberia. The head, which would probably smell amazing thawed in the sun, measures almost sixteen inches long. For reference, modern wolf heads top out at around 11-inches, and I've heard whispered rumors that your penis has to be measured in fathoms. "You're familiar with the Mariana Trench?" What about it? "I've touched the bottom." HIYO! Exxon could probably make use of your talents. Obviously, this direwolf should be cloned so I can ride one into battle. "The Power Wheels isn't cutting it?" Well it seemed like a good idea at the time (of Toys 'R Us's going out of business sale), but it hardly strikes fear into the hearts of my enemies, even with all the upgrades. "What upgrades?" Mostly streamers.

Keep going for a couple more shots while I call John Hammond.



Thanks to Victor, Draco Basileus, and Closet Nerd, who agree Jon Snow should have been banished beyond The Wall permanently for not saying bye to Ghost when he left.

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