Footage Of Highway During Recent Italian Earthquake

June 26, 2019

This is some footage from a highway in Colonna, Italy (~20km southeast of Rome) during a recent 3.6-magnitude earthquake. Two churches in the area were damaged as a result of the quake, but thankfully there were no reported human injuries, despite the elevated highway on the right looking like how my face feels when the bass drops at the club. "You're a big clubbing fan, GW?" Oh I love it -- the loud music, the dancing, the sexy outfits, the bottle service, the...what else is there? "You've never been, have you?" Apparently a lot of doormen frown on flip flops and beer helmets.

Keep going for thew whole video, including some toll-booth footage while I call that club and demand my five dollar bribe back.

Thanks to Christina D, who informed me she's Italian despite not showing up as a distant cousin on my report.

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