Cool: A Drone That Looks Like A Giant LEGO Helicopter

June 3, 2019

This is a video from Tested of the drone built by Adam Woodworth that looks like an oldschool LEGO helicopter (based on the one included in the International Jetport set 6396, released in 1990) complete with slowly rotating rotor blades. Very cute. Very clever. Very-- "Erotic." Wow. You know, some things are really best left unsaid (but I 100% agree and we should get a room).

Keep going for the video, but all the flying footage is at the very beginning and end of the video, the rest is interview and how it was built. SPOILER: out of foam.

Thanks to Jody, who agrees LEGO should manufacture and sell actual human-sized drivable cars.

  • GeneralDisorder

    I don't like this presenter guy. He's annoying. Someone should replace him.

  • Bling Nye

    Props to that guy, that's rad.

  • Irina Abramovich

    I’d let a good friend shoot a pizza out of that drone at me, or more like, TO ME..... =)

    Brownie the kitten rules the Galaxie!!!!!!!

  • The_Wretched

    Just because it looks like love, it doesn't mean it's not armed and ready to kill you.

  • Closet Nerd

    Now that is AWESOME!!

  • Deksam

    No, everything is awesome!

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