Boston Dynamics Spot Robot Takes A Spill During Live Demo

June 12, 2019

In other, much more promising robotics news, this is a video of a Boston Dynamics Spot quadruped robot taking a rather unpleasant spill during a live demonstration at Amazon's re:MARS tech conference. It's like it suffered from a sensory overload and went haywire. Thankfully, initiating play dead mode prevented it from leaping into the audience and attacking everyone like it had initially planned. That's a relief. Also, an important lesson. "Which is?" Never sit in the front row, and always have an exit strategy. "Valuable information." PROTIP: smoke bombs and grappling hook.

Keep going for two different angles of the spill.

Thanks again to Nathan P, who informed me he went to Virginia Tech just like I did. Oh man -- the stories we could tell! (I played Counter Strike for five years straight)

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