Ahahahahaha: Drag Racer Starts Race In Reverse, Hitting Car Behind Him

June 28, 2019

This is a super short video of some amateur drag racing taking place at an airstrip in Patterson, California when a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT driver forgets to put his vehicle in not reverse before the race starts and immediately crashes into the BMW behind him. Some more info while I continue pointing and laughing:

"It started off as a normal Day at the Airstrip on a Saturday in Patterson CA. The Srt Jeep in the video who crashed was beating everyone who raced him. Finally, the Corvette challenged him to race so they both lined up. They both had to line up evenly on a chalk line that was on the ground. The Jeep was a little ahead of the line so he had to put it in reverse. Once he did that, the flagger (the one who tells them when to race) flagged then off but that is when The Srt forgot to put it back in drive and the rest is history. The BMW owner and Srt owner talked it out and everything was resolved. The BMW went home and the Srt continued his undefeated streak ."

"Continued his undefeated streak?" That Corvette just smoked him. Also I can't believe he continued racing after that. If that had been me I would have thrown the car in actual drive and sped home with my tail between my legs. "You have a tail, GW?" My penis -- I'm talking about my penis. I would have lashed it to my thigh with a seatbelt.

Keep going for the video, complete with vroom vrooms.

Thanks to Marc B, who agrees you should be forced to only drive an electric scooter for at least a week after that performance.

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