A Wooden Death Star Cheese Plate With Tool Storage

June 24, 2019


Because nothing says fancy dinner party like a Star Wars theme, this is the Death Star Cheese Set With Cheese Tools available from Amazon ($40). It features a laser-etched Death Star graphic on a cheese board that swivels to reveal four cheese tools, including a cheese plane, knife/spreader, curved knife with dual pronged tip, and a hard cheese knife. Is cheese going to work its way into the fine lines of the laser etching? Probably. It's cool though, after all: moons are made of cheese. "That's no moon." Yeah it's a cheese plate -- were you even paying attention? You know you remind me of myself in high school and college and at every job I've ever had.

Keep going for a handful more product shots, including one of straight out of a Crate & Barrel catalog.





Thanks to carey, who agrees if you don't have someone dressed as a Wookie walking around offering guests hors d'oeuvres, are you even throwing a dinner party?

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