A Better Look At Adam Savage's Flying, Bulletproof Iron Man Suit

June 24, 2019


"Tony -- come give me a hug!"
*sound of gears whirring* "Missiles locked-on target."
"Wait, what?"

This is some clearer test flight footage of Adam Savage's recent build of a flying, bulletproof Iron Man suit (previously seen here). The suit, which is approximately 95% titanium, was constructed from 250 individually 3-D printed pieces of the metal, along with 3-D printed powder nylon boots (the only non-titanium). In addition to the flight video below, you can stream the entire 52-minute Savage Builds episode on the Discovery Channel's website HERE, which, unfortunately, does not include any footage testing the suit's bulletproof properties while in flight. That's a shame, and clearly the Discovery Channel still has a thing or two to learn about television ratings, and how to get the highest ones. I mean you can't expect Shark Week to carry you year-round.

Keep going for the video, as well as two other excepts from the full episode about 3-D printing the suits parts, and testing its bulletproofness.

Thanks to Linby, who agrees they should have at least blasted him with paintball or Airsoft guns when he was in the air.

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