What A Time To Be Alive: Hershey's To Change Look Of Classic Chocolate Bar For First Time In Its History, Add Emojis

May 16, 2019


Because there are truly exciting times we're living in, Hershey's has announced it will change the design of its classic milk chocolate bars for the first time in 125 years this summer, with a limited edition of six differently packaged bars stamped with emojis, including the turd (seen in photo, bottom). Listen to this ridiculousness:

While there are hundreds of emojis out there, only 25 were selected by children and adults to "feature meanings that would help to spark a conversation and make new connections," according to a company press release.

"In today's text-savvy world, many conversations start with a message that contains an emoji; so it made sense to work directly with people using emojis the most -- parents and kids," Kriston Ohm, senior brand manager for Hershey's, told TODAY Food via email. "It turned out that both generations favored the same 25 emojis. We chose to feature each one of these popular emojis on our new Hershey Emoji bars."

LOL @ emojis that 'feature meanings that would help spark a conversation and make new connections.' You sound like a pretentious artist trying to explain their work. They're emojis stamped on a chocolate bar. Emojis don't spark conversations, except with my aunt, who asked me why kids are always using the one the one that looks like an eggplant. "What did you tell her?" The truth -- that it's an unshaped balloon animal that means it's time to get the party started.

Keep going for a shot of the other three bars that will be available, like you care.


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