What A Jerk: Guy Climbs Out Of Thunder Mountain Coaster At Disneyland To Retrieve Dropped Phone, Shutting Down Ride

May 3, 2019


"Sorry ya'll."

This is a video from a family at Disneyland of some jackass who managed to slip out from under the restraining bar and exit the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad coaster during its climb to go retrieve his dropped phone, prompting the ride to be shut down (BONUS: the phone was shattered). Mostly this is a video of passengers exiting the coaster and walking through the ride back to the park though. I've always wanted to do that (plus sneak off somewhere and spend the night!). No word if the man responsible was taken to Disney jail and brutally beaten by two men in Donald Duck and Goofy costumes but, at least in my mind, you can see his teeth if you know where to look in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride.

Keep going for a video of the face of poor decision making while I try to figure out how this man has managed to live long enough to even meet to height requirement to ride this ride.

Thanks to DT, who agrees the amount of idiot in some people's brains is truly staggering.

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