Video Of Man Meticulously Restoring Game Boy To Mint Factory Condition

May 31, 2019

This is a fifteen minute video of Youtuber Odd Tinkering completely disassembling and carefully restoring a beat up old Game Boy (including awful dead-lined screen) he bought online to stunning, fresh off the factory floor condition. It looks glorious. Man, remember when you had to use an actual physical cable to link two Game Boys together so you could play two-player versus Tetris? "He used to try to strangle me with that cord whenever I'd beat him." My brother, ladies and gentlemen! He remembers that cable.

Keep going for the satisfying video.

Thanks to Madz, who agrees there's something incredibly satisfying about bringing something back from the dead (people and animals excluded -- that's black magic and shouldn't be wielded by mortals).

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