Two Girls Taking Photos On Rocky Beach Get Absolutely Wrecked By Wave

May 9, 2019


This is a video from the Queen's Bath tide pool on the island of Kauaʻi, Hawaii of two girls attempting to capture the perfect bikini photo when they both get demolished by a huge wave. Some more info while I remind myself no photo is worth my life. "Your life isn't worth a blurry concert selfie." FACT:

"While I was traveling in Kauai, Hawaii I spent a day exploring Queen's bath, where I witnessed two girls get completely taken out by a huge wave trying to get the 'perfect' shot. They were lucky enough to walk away with only a few bad scratches and a ticket on their car cause they parked illegally before heading down to the water; also a broken camera."

Haha, of course they parked illegally. Still, I hope this serves as an important reminder that Aquaman doesn't care about your beach photos. Mostly because *slipping on cool guy shades* he's got bigger fish to fry. Get it? Because of his efforts to develop sustainable fish farms. I heard it's a joint venture with Jaws and Captain Planet. *slipping on BONUS pair of cool guy shades over first ones* I know what's up, I get the Wall Street Journal (well technically my neighbor gets the Wall Street Journal but I wake up before he does).

Keep going for the sea was angry that day.

Thanks to jenn, who agrees Instagram is truly going to miss what might have been.

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