The Five Most Inspiring Episodes Of Bob Ross's 'The Joy Of Painting'

May 14, 2019


This is a carefully selected five episodes of Bob Ross's 'The Joy Of Painting', selected by the folks at Hyperallergic for MAX INSPIRATION AND PEP TALKAGE. Sure you could just watch any of the 403 episodes (the entire 'Joy Of Painting' catalog) legally available on Youtube and leave feeling better, but these five are the ones to watch when you need that extra...what's the word I'm looking for? "Punch in the gut." Bob would never do that. "He did beat the devil out of those brushes though." True! You know, I think you might actually be on something. "You mean onto something." No...

Keep going for the videos, which are, in order: 'A Walk In The Woods' (Season 1, Episode 1), 'Meadow Lake' (Season 2, Episode 1), 'Happy Accident' (Season 11, Episode 13 -- my personal favorite), 'Mountain Ridge Lake' (Season 23, Episode 3), and 'Mountain Serenity' (Season 28, Episode 12).

Thanks again to Stephanie B, who agrees Bob Ross makes everything better.

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