The Dukes Of Hazzard You Are Not: Car Ramp Jump Fail

May 9, 2019


This is a 360-degree video presented in not 360-degrees of a stunt car driver some dude trying to jump what appears to be an early 90's Geo Metro over a hill using a launch ramp in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Think Mad Max with no budget. Unfortunately for this daredevil, the car doesn't make it, presumably because it was going about 100MPH too slow. Also, what's the deal with that 'Big Dick #21' car on the right side of the video? And where are #'s 1 - 20? Asking for a friend who's willing to try anything.

Keep going for the jump.

Thanks to Stu, who agrees the real reason he didn't make it was because there wasn't a pyrotechnics display when he hit the end of the ramp. That's key.

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