Surprisingly Fascinating: Mathematicians Discuss Using The World's Best Chalk

May 7, 2019

This is a video of a variety of mathematicians discussing their use of Hagoromo brand chalk. First they talk about why it's such an amazing blackboard chalk, then about the company going out of business and their stockpiling of the product. Now, a Korean company has purchased the original Hagoromo chalk formulas and is reproducing the chalk to the best of their ability. It was actually pretty interesting to watch, particularly the part about people caring so much about their chalk. "I wish I cared about something that much." I knew you were going to say that. "How?" Because I feel the same way and we're twinsies. "We're not twinsies." Well maybe if you wore the TWINSIES t-shirt I had made for you more often you'd feel differently. "I can't." And why not -- there's no way I got you the wrong size. "I used it to clean up dog puke." You monster!

Keep going for the video, complete with one mathematician who's clearly no stranger to getting colored chalk on his face.

Thanks to K Diddie, who can't wait for the whiteboard edition.

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