Sonic The Hedgehog Movie Director Confirms Character Redesign After Trailer Backlash

May 3, 2019


Because some people are convinced with enough CG magic a turd can be polished, Sonic The Hedgehog movie director Jeff Fowler has confirmed via Twitter that Sonic will undergo a character redesign after backlash from the recent trailer. Will that make more people go see the movie? Probably not. Will that drive up the movie's production cost and make it harder to recoup the studio's losses on an already sinking ship? Absolutely. That said, I've rented out an entire theater for opening night and plan on having all the seats replaced with treadmills so my friends and I can run the whole time to really get into character/all have heart attacks.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees there are far more important things to worry about.

  • Keegano

    I doubt that it will take much to do a redesign. They change the 3D model to be closer to the game and apply it to the scenes that are already done.

  • lushkneebumbuild

    eh, he certainly wasn't worse than the tmnt movie, at least this looks enough like sonic you can tell there was an attempt (unlike those "turtles"

  • Doug Weil Jr.

    Looks fine to me, I don't see a problem. Other than studios and companies bending to the will of complaining nerds who post on Twitter....

  • Scott Hendrix

    You don't see a problem with the current design for Sonic? Do you have two eyes and a brain?

  • Jenness

    I hope they suffer massive losses and this officially signals the tipping point of anyone caring or listening to SJW's of any type on social media at all so we can get all those complainers to shut the hell up already.

  • Chris

    No, dammit! The design is one of the things that makes it so hilarious! Can't we start a petition or something...?

  • Beard

    I heard Sonic was only gonna be in a couple scenes anyway, so just a couple of tweaks should be a piece of cake.

  • Bling Nye

    Here's what they're replacing it with:

  • Doog

    Arguably a significant improvement.

  • Chaz Gomez

    My kids played the original Sonic on the Sega Genesis... They are in their 30's now and they're saying, "What... The... Fu......? Why? Seriously, why?"...

  • Pam

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  • Chaz Gomez

    Pam... this makes you look like a whore...

  • sizzlepants

    I mean they have Jim Carrey on board...

    They have a character based on an animal...

    Why is this not essentially Ace Ventura 3 under a different name?

    What's that? The world needs saving? That's no problem for me and my little hedgehog partner (real animal not CG)! Isn't that right Mr. Sonic? Isn't it? It is! Well... ALLLLRIGHTY THEN!

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