Smart: A Camera Flash That Uses AI To Detect The Best Place To Bounce Its Light

May 23, 2019

Aaaand we're back. Man, that was a hell of a three days. Let's just dive right back in, shall we?

Because nobody likes taking shitty photos except me whenever some so-called friends ask me to take a group shot without me in it, this is a video of the $200 Canon 470EX-AI, a DSLR mounted flash for indoor photography that uses AI to detect just the right spot to bounce the flash to prevent washout and shadows. Of course if you don't know where to bounce a flash yourself maybe it's time to accept the idea that making some extra money ruining peoples' wedding portraits isn't such a good idea. I'm kidding, go for it -- it's not like it's your special day.

Keep going for a video demo.

Thanks to Closet Nerd, who's probably already setting up the perfect Star Wars diorama in that closet of his to take pictures of.

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