Russians Mod Bentley With Tank Treads

May 10, 2019

This is a video from Youtube channel AcademeG of a used Bentley that was heavily modified with tank treads. Man, I would totally drive that, and probably straight into an enemy's living room when he's sitting down for dinner. Yeah, then pop a wheelie right there in the middle of his TV dinner. "Is it really a wheelie if you're driving a tank?" Please -- this is my fantasy.

Keep going for the whole video, which includes the build and a ton of test drive footage.

Thanks again to K Diddie, who agrees if you have the option, always drive the tank.

  • Bling Nye

    In mother russia, gas guzzler tanks you.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    For when you want to blitzkrieg somewhere but still look like a serious player. Luxury tank!

  • Chris

    Oh, Russia...

  • ShartInYourJacuzzi


  • Deksam

    Perfect for russian to work in straight lines ONLY.
    -YouTube's Tavarish's Bentley got out of Russia relatively unscathed in retrospect.
    -They should have used the top half of the doors.
    -This guy needs a great translator like YouTube's Garage 54 has, called BMI Russian.

  • D3Fd0ck

    I want it.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    How did he change the steering wheel from pointing the wheels in the right direction to making the treads turn at different speeds? I'm guessing the only Bentley parts remaining are the shell, engine and maybe transmission.

  • Deksam

    I guess like putting a short skidsteer lever at 45* at each end of the tie rods ???

  • D3Fd0ck

    Maybe changed it to work like doorknob internals but with 2 seperate catches instead of the one.

  • Jenness

    I'm surprisingly on board with this.

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