Roomba Modded To Curse When It Runs Into Things

May 7, 2019


This is a video of the Roomba that Youtuber Michael Reeves modded to curse whenever it runs into something, then took to his local Target to do some test marketing on shoppers there. It goes over very well, and if somebody manufactured cursing Roomba mods and sold them on Etsy they could probably make a pretty penny. Maybe not as pretty as *pulling coin from pocket* this penny, but I only bend over the pick up the very finest. "That's a dime." And this one? "A beer bottle cap." What is that worth, like a buck? Because I know where to find a whole bunch of them. SPOILER: the bar -- let's go.

Keep going for the video, which should automatically start at 7:00 when the test marketing is happen, but feel free to watch before that if you have time to kill and really don't care how you kill it (there's also another test at 3:30).

Thanks again to K Diddie, who agrees it should also squirt blood.

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