Plastic Lid That Clips On Your Beer, Disguises As A Cup Of Coffee

May 8, 2019


This is the Trinken Lid, a plastic lid that snaps onto the top of a beer can and, when placed in a paper cup (not included), disguises your brewski as a piping hot cup of gogo juice. Alternatively, just pour your beer in a coffee cup like a normal person who can't be bothered to hunt down their Trinken Lid every time that want to sip a cold one under the radar. Trust me, I've been doing it at work for years, and nobody is the wiser. "Everyone knows you're drunk." No they don't. "You threw up in the copier." That bright light gives me vertigo. "That doesn't even make sense." I'd like to see you come up with a better excuse on the fly when you're as wrecked as I am.

Keep going for a few more shots.





Thanks to David W, who agrees coffee cups are modern humanity's secret stashes.

  • The_Wretched

    Because I can't smell either beer or coffee?

  • Talon184

    Great. A new way for alcoholics to camouflage their booze while drinking and thanks

  • Munihausen

    Those unintended consequences....

  • revjerp

    Maybe you should be drinking coffee when you're pretending to drink coffee. Food for thought.

  • Corky McButterpants

    But then you wouldn't be pretending! Would You?

  • Nicholas Conrad

    For when you want to drink without the pressure of being fun at the party?

  • sizzlepants

    Yeah... because no one can tell the difference between coffee breath and beer breath...

  • MustacheHam

    Possible prank item, just as long as the victim okay to drink beer. That age and health jazz.

  • Tell me more about how you see this prank going down. I'm interested.

  • Doog

    See, what you wanna do is disguise an alcoholic beverage as coffee and give it to an unsuspecting victim to drink. Presumably (and likely incorrectly) your assuming they'd prefer coffee to beer.

    Honestly, this seems like a prank where the "victim" ends up quite happy with you

  • Wooder

    I have an alcoholic hairstylist ex sister in law that would love this. She cuts hair while drunk and loves to drink her special "water" while she works.

    Every haircut is different...lots of surprises...She would love this. I'm an enabler...

  • GeneralDisorder

    Ex-sister-in-law? So your ex's sister or your brother's ex?

    I definitely considered having a thing with my ex's sister but... I don't know. I feel like even after 3 years of being divorced it might still be too soon... to bang my ex's not-very-hot sister (she's got enormous tits though... I feel like that alone is enough justification).

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