OPPY: The Life Of A Rover, A Tribute To The Mars Rover Opportunity

May 2, 2019


This is OPPY: The Life Of A Rover, a tribute edited together by Youtuber Melodysheep to the Mars rover Opportunity. Some more info while I pour out a little Mountain Dew Code Red for our now defunct rover friend:

Using raw rover imagery and the sound of actual wind on Mars, I painted this little portrait of Opportunity, our faithful little martian rover friend that was lost earlier this year. Losing a rover feels a little like losing a pet. But for all that it accomplished, and for our ability to revel in all the awesome images it collected over its lifetime, its end is bittersweet. Oppy traveled 28 miles on Mars over a span of 14 years - an amazing feat of engineering and human ambition.

We had a good run, didn't we? And trekking 28 miles in 14 years -- that's 2 miles a year! LIGHT SPEED STATUS. Ooooooor 0.000228311 miles per hour. I actually know people who drive slower. Not my girlfriend though -- she drives like a bat out of hell, provided bats exiting hell take the sidewalk.

Keep going for the tribute.

Thanks to Kevin The Super, who, at least in my mind, even sleeps in his cape.

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