Man Mods Old Dodge Pickup With A 6.5 Horsepower Lawnmower Engine

May 15, 2019


This is a video of Carson Duba giving us a tour and brief driving demonstration of the early 80's Dodge Ram pickup he modded with a $120 single-cylinder 6.5 horsepower (212cc) lawnmower engine. He actually performed a surprisingly smooth job with the modification instead of just Mickey Mousing it all with duct tape and blood like I would have done, and the truck is capable of driving in both forward and reverse up to 20MPH. Granted it seems like he spent an awful lot of time and effort on something that's more novelty than it is practical, but how else are you supposed to spend your weekends in a place that looks like that -- working overtime at Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru's moisture farm?

Keep going for a shot of the engine used and the video.


Thanks to Marc B, who, to the best of my knowledge (which isn't saying much), has yet to send a non-automotive related tip. I like that about you.

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