Machine Learning Engineers Use AI To Create Near-Perfect AI Simulation Of Joe Rogan's Voice

May 17, 2019


This is a video (audio with still images) of an artificial intelligence voice synthesizer created by machine learning engineers Hashiam Kadhim, Joe Palermo and Rayhane Mama using Joe Rogan's voice as a model. Everything you hear in the clip is the result of a deep-learning system they developed called RealTalk, which converts any text typed into the model's authentic sounding voice (it even does some tongue-twisters). Some pros and cons of the technology as imagined by Medium:


- Talking to a voice assistant in a way that feels as natural as talking to a friend
- Customized voice applications -- for instance, a workout app that contains a personalized pre-workout pep talk from Arnold Schwarzenegger
- Improved accessibility options for people that communicate through text-to-speech devices, for example, people with Lou Gehrig's disease
-Automating voice dubbing for any media and in any language

Con artists:

- Spam callers impersonating your mother or spouse to obtain personal information
- Impersonating someone for the purposes of bullying or harassment
- Gaining entrance to high security clearance areas by impersonating a government official
- An 'audio deepfake' of a politician being used to manipulate election results or cause a social uprising

I didn't even think about all that, all I could think about is how awesome my cell phone voice mail greeting is about to get. "Even better than the current one that says you're probably in the bathroom and then you hear a toilet flush then a bunch of cursing and screaming?" Haha, my legs fell asleep and I crashed into the towel bar trying to stand up. But you're right -- equal but different.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Andy TU, who agrees the future nears, and the future is terrifying.

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