Life In A Nutshell: Claw Machine Prize Gets Caught By Ribbon

May 6, 2019


This is a short video of a man playing a claw machine in the parking lot of a gas station when his teddy bear prize gets caught on the claw by its ribbon bow. He and his buddy try shaking the machine, to no avail. Good luck explaining that to your girlfriend when you get home. I was trying to win you a teddy bear, baby, but it got stuck, I swear. Obviously, she'll be convinced there never was a teddy bear, and you were just up to no good the entire time. Personally, my girlfriend is always convinced I'm up to no good, which is valid because I've never actually been known to be up to good.

Keep going for the video of life in 34 seconds.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees no wonder kids are always crawling into those machines to grab prizes.

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