LEGO Creates Special Braille Brick Sets To Help Children Learn

May 1, 2019


This is a very sweet video from LEGO detailing the company's efforts to help kids learn and engage in the process of Braille with the aid of special sets of 250 LEGO Braille bricks that "consist of the alphabet, numbers, math symbols, and more." The video shows children learning foreign languages, doing arithmetic, and all around having a great time with the rearrangeability of the letters and numbers. Plus LEGO has announced they'll be sending the sets free of charge to various institutions teaching Braille by 2020. Obviously, it's nice to see LEGO doing some good for a change instead of just emptying my wallet. "You probably helped pay for all those Braille bricks, GW." Man, I really am a saint, aren't I?

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Dr Xeno, who agrees LEGO, like counting with M&Ms and getting to eat them after, makes learning fun.

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