'Karen Of The Boreal Valley': Woman Lopes Around On All Fours

May 16, 2019

Note: Keep your volume low, epic soundtrack.

This is 'Karen Of The Boreal Valley', a mysterious video of a woman demonstrating her animal-like agility by bounding around on all fours. I beleve the meme video was inspired by 'The Dancer Of The Boreal Valley', a boss in Dark Souls 3. But is this actually a horse in a human costume? I don't know, the video was really too low quality to say for sure. But if I were a betting man, which *lifts pant legs with three-fingered hands to reveal mechanical replacement knees* I'm not anymore, I would bet the same way I always did at the roulette wheel. "All on green." Every cent.

Keep going for the whole video (she even leaps a picnic table!).

Thanks to hairless, who agrees everybody's idea of living their best life is different.

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