It's All In The Reflexes: Bus Driver Yanks Boy From Getting Off Bus And Avoid Car Speeding Around

May 10, 2019

Because a lot of drivers are idiotic turds, this is a video of quick-acting Norwich, New York school bus driver Samantha Call preventing a boy from getting off the bus and getting hit by some very important person speeding around the vehicle, who clearly believes the ten seconds they saved on their commute is worth a young life. Come on, just stop for school buses -- it isn't complicated. One time I was stopped behind a bus for over twenty minutes, but did I complain? No, I just realized we were both parked in the same lot, then backed into a shopping cart corral and sped off over a curb.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Nicholas N, who informed me 50% of the people driving shouldn't even have licenses. I feel like that figure is closer to 80%, but I hear what you're saying.

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