It Was Only A Matter Of Time: Picard Teaser Trailer Reimagined As A Viagra Commercial

May 30, 2019


This is a video of that Picard teaser trailer edited with the audio from a Viagra commercial. It works unsurprisingly well. I mean it already had all the fixings for a boner pill commercial anyways -- the outdoors, a vineyard, an old man -- the only things it was missing was an older but still beautiful grey haired wife and a canoe or convertible. Still, I doubt Picard actually needs any help down there. I bet he already knows the secret to a decent boner, and I suspect that secret is tea -- Earl Grey, hot. "What is that, your sixth cup today, GW?" Eighth. I think I just felt something.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to hairless, who agrees an erection lasting over four hours is only a problem if you let it be.

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