Iffy: A Clear Safe For Locking Your Distracting Gadgets Away From Yourself

May 23, 2019


Zero willpower? Enter this $130 - $210 (depend on lid color -- wait what? this looks like $30 tops) time-locking plastic safe available from Amazon Japan. I believe it was originally designed to keep kids away from cookies until after dinner, but has since become a distracting technology solution. That's cool, I'll just stare at it until it unlocks. Ooooor knock it onto the floor and break it. *picking up Playstation controller* The cat did it, mom. "We haven't had a cat in years." She's just a really good hider - how else would you explain the shredded curtains or all the turds in the basement? "You?" Admittedly, this con sounded a lot more foolproof in my mind.

Keep going for one more shot of what setting the timer on a regretful purchase looks like.


Thanks to v, who agrees soon willpower won't even exist anymore.

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