Hit The Deck!: Doorbell Cam Captures Meteor

May 1, 2019


This is a video from a Virginia Beach, Virginia home's Nest doorbell cam of a meteor streaking across the night sky. Some more info while I wish that meteor had been six-miles wide and Bruce Willis and his crew had just failed to stop it:

"I was sitting in my family room at 10:56 pm and saw a bright flash through the small windows on my front door and then checked my doorbell camera recording and saw the meteor. The meteor was out over the Atlantic ocean."

Over the Atlantic? The way that thing looked coming in on the video I thought I was going to see the house across the street explode. But you know what they say -- looks can be deceiving. Take my dating profile pic for example. It looks pretty good, but that photo was probably taken like eight years ago when I was thirty pounds lighter. Plus it isn't even me.

Keep going for the video while I wish I had a front porch with rocking chairs. Or even just a front porch. Or rocking chairs.

Thanks to Cyndi M, who hopes you all made a wish.

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