Flaming Bagpiper Unicyclist Dressed As Darth Vader Performs Star Wars Theme On Two Bagpipes Simultaneously

May 6, 2019


Presumably to celebrate Star Wars Day (this will be the end of my late coverage btw), this is a video of The Unipiper dressed as Darth Vader, riding his unicycle, and playing the Star Wars theme on two bagpipes. How about that! Coordination: some people have it. Me? I can't even tie my shoes, and not just because I can't bend over to reach them, but why did God make our feet so far away anyways? You'd think we would have at least evolved tank treads by now. "You should complain to Darwin." You think I haven't? He just keeps insisting I try to win one of his awards.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to both carey and K Diddie, who aren't convinced Star Wars day isn't every day.

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