Finally, Costco Is Now Selling 27-Pound Buckets Of Macaroni & Cheese

May 28, 2019


Because occasionally my angry letters are read and appropriate action is taken, Costco is now selling 27-pound buckets of Chef's Banquet Macaroni & Cheese. The $90 bucket contains 180 servings, broken down into six 30 serving zip-sealed pouches of cheddar sauce and six 30 serving zip-sealed pouches of elbow macaroni pasta. That's a shame, because I was really hoping it was just a bucket of loose mac & cheese. You know, something you could just dive right into. The entire bucket contains *crunching the numbers* approximately 39,600 calories, and I've already issued a challenge to all my favorite competitive eaters to see who wants to be the first to die trying to eat it all. "Any responses yet?" No, but I'm sure they're just busy eating or suffering on the can.

Thanks to Karen H, who pointed out the product is also apocalypse ready, and has a shelf life of approximately 20 years. Valuable info for the days to come.

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