Fancy Pants: Uncorking A Bottle Of Dom Perignon With Nothing But A Champagne Flute

May 7, 2019

This is a video of appreciator of the finer things in life Nikolaj Makar casually uncorking a bottle of Dom Perignon at the Copenhagen Hotel d'Angleterre in Denmark with nothing but a champagne flute. Classy. If that had been me I almost certainly would have broken the base off the glass, presumably because it was one of those cheap plastic ones that snap together because my mom doesn't trust me with actual glass glasses. "What are you doing away from the kids' table?" Mom, I'm a grown man! "Says the boy who drank two Red Bulls after 6PM last Saturday and peed the bed." Not in front of my friends!

Keep going for the video, complete with satisfying pop.

Thanks to Charlotte, who agrees there's absolutely nothing wrong with just using your thumbs and accidentally breaking a kitchen light.

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