Doorbell Cam Captures Man Getting Bitten On Face By Snake

May 8, 2019


This is some doorbell cam footage of Jerel Heywood getting bitten on the face by a snake while coming to visit a friend. Thankfully, the snake (which had been wrapped around the home's porch light) was nonvenomous and Jerel was quickly released from the hospital after a couple stitches and a round of antibiotics. Snakes, man -- they'll bite your face. Or anything that moves really. But they won't eat their vegetables, which is why there's never been a snake in the history of snakes whose mother let it have dessert. HISTORICAL FACT. The closest one has ever come is that serpent in the Garden of Eden, who 100% licked that apple before convincing Eve to eat it.

Keep going for the whole video.

Thanks to Jeffrey S, who agrees always look out for snakes.

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