Data Visualization Engineer Imagines A Better Grocery Store Receipt

May 14, 2019


These are a few photos from Netflix senior data visualization engineer Susie Lu of an improved grocery store receipt she's developing that visualizes the percentage of total cost spent on each different type of food, as well as a food's relative cost to the most expensive item purchased. Interesting. Will it help people shop smarter or healthier? Probably not. I mean, I can easily see on the back of the Double Stuf OREOs that a serving size is 2 cookies and 140 calories, but is that going to stop me from eating the whole package on a Saturday morning? No it is not. The only thing that could possibly stop me is-- "Your mom hiding them from you." OMG, did you see where she put them?!

Keep going for a couple more shots. Also, whatever you do, don't tell CVS or there will be a worldwide paper shortage.



Thanks to becca b, who agrees visualizing things is way funner than just staring at a bunch of numbers, but still not very fun in the grand scheme of having a good time.

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