Coffee Served With A Cotton Candy Cloud That Rains Sugar Into Your Drink

May 14, 2019


These are two videos (one from Singapore, one from Beijing) of cafes that serve coffee with a cloud of cotton candy hanging above the cup so it slowly rains sugar into your drink (coming soon to a froufrou coffee shop near you). Granted it's not the most efficient way to sweeten your coffee, but it's certainly one of the most whimsical. Me? I don't have time for a cotton candy sugar shower when I need a caffeine fix. For me, coffee is rarely an EXPERIENCE, it's a necessity for not falling asleep at work before lunch. Unless we're talking about butt-chugging, in which case not only is it an experience, but a real eye-opening one. For both of us. "Wait, what?" Now hold this funnel over my head and don't spill anything.

Keep going for the videos.

Thanks to MSA, who agrees the best cup of coffee is the one you smell when you're still in bed and your lover is already up and in the kitchen brewing it for you.

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