Awww: Entire Kids Karate Class Cheers On Struggling Classmate Until He Breaks Board

May 16, 2019


This is a heartwarming video from a children's karate class of young Ethan, who's having trouble breaking a board with a heel-kick and starts crying he's so upset about it. He doesn't give up though, and with the advice and encouragement of his sensei and the deafening cheers of his fellow karate kids, he finally manages to split it. Man, that must have been a victorious feeling. I'm not sure I've ever felt one of those before. "I bet the instructor helped break it." You turd, I will fight you right now I swear and *wraps hands, dips in glue, then bucketful of jagged soup can lids* I learned from Master Shredder.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Ali, who agrees trying hard and believing in yourself is all it takes (but people screaming your name for encouragement certainly doesn't hurt either).

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