Arizona Attorney General Shows Off Nunchuck Skills To Celebrate Their Legalization

May 15, 2019


This is a short video of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich slapping his nunchucks around to celebrate their removal from the state's list of deadly weapons. For decades, owning a pair of nunchucks was a felony, and you were only allowed to use them if practicing for a martial arts competition. Mark claims he "pulled his old nanchaku out of riding a bike," although I get the feeling this is a video of a man who secretly never stopped swinging illegal nunchucks around in his basement at night following the ban. Besides, isn't having a pair in storage still owning them? Now I'm not saying I'm clearly the rightful Arizona Attorney General after calling Mark out so eloquently, but as my first order of business I want my face on all the packs of cigarettes. "You're thinking of the US Surgeon General." This job sucks and I want to go home.

Keep going for a rare video of the fifth Ninja Turtle as well as a local news report while I try to learn more about this way of the drag-on.

Thanks to hairless, who ensured me April O'Neil will get to the bottom of this.

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