Almost Too Big On The Inside: A 64-Ounce TARDIS Coffee Mug

May 23, 2019


Mmmm, 7-layer bars.

This is the 64-ounce Doctor Who TARDIS coffee mug available from ThinkGeek. For reference, that's a half gallon, or my average daily intake of chocolate milk. It weighs a pound empty and costs $25. Although if you really need to slam a half gallon of go-go juice in the morning just to start functioning, I'm fairly certain it's time to turn away from your coffee mug and turn to butt-chugging. It's fast, it's efficient, and it's-- wait, why are you laughing? "Your funnel, it's still..." Dammit, my girlfriend thinks it's hysterical to let me leave the house like this.

Keep going for a shot of the mug with no additional decor.


Thanks to carey, who agrees if you don't just take the whole glass coffee carafe back to your desk, are you even pretending to be be working?

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