Almost Six Minutes Of Game Of Thrones' Hound Insulting People

May 29, 2019


Above: The Hound unsuccessfully attempts to insult my spirit animal.

Note: Obvious Hound language.

In much more exciting Game Of Thrones news than unscented dragon egg candles, this is an almost six minute supercut of Sandor "The Hound" Clegane insulting people throughout all eight seasons of the show. Following that, I also included an almost four minute supercut of The Hound being decent to people, for yin and yang purposes. It's all about balance, you know? "What is?" Trying to pee doing a handstand. Am I getting any in?! "Not a drop." Damn, in my dreams I'm really great at this.

Keep going for the videos while I crush two blue Gatorades and try again in an hour. Maybe if you just ho-- "I'm not holding anything." Fine, fine.

Thanks to Thomas W, who informed me he never took a fight with his brother as far as the Clegane brothers do at the end of the series.

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