A Headless Humanoid Delivery Robot Driven To Your Home By An Autonomous Car

May 24, 2019

"Um, what the hell is that?"
"Just smile and don't look it in the eyes, dear."
"It doesn't even have a head, mom."

This is a video of the result of a recent collaboration between Ford and Agility Robotics (the maker of those legs-only 'Cassie' robots we've seen previously) starring Digit, a new headless humanoid robot that can deliver packages right to your door after being driven there by an autonomous Ford van. I DON'T WANT THEM KNOWING WHERE I LIVE. Also, why does it need to look like a headless person? Why does it need to look like a person at all? There's no way this thing is practical or efficient. Just make it look like a little tank. Or just let the regular delivery person punt it to my front door like a game winning field goal like they normally do. Digit can allegedly carry up to 40-pound boxes with its little nub hands and definitely won't be mistaken for a stripper-gram. Me? I'm constantly being mistaken for a stripper-gram. "You're wearing a neck tie and no shirt." Oh I'm sorry, but *puts hands behind head, dance-thrusts towards wall calendar* is it not casual Friday? "I mean it is, but you wear that every day." Haha, yeah, but it's appropriate today. I mean it's totally not, but it is RELATIVELY.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks again to K Diddie, who, for three tips in one day, is officially invited to my Labor Day barbecue. "But Monday is Memorial Day." I know that, I'm talking about in September.

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